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Proudly Serving Bensalem, PA & Surrounding Areas
(215) 244-1999


If you are experiencing unbearable back, muscle or neck pain, Bensalem Muscle Therapy can help. Through proven Muscle Therapy techniques, pain relief is just a phone call away. Please take the time to read what some satisfied clients had to say:

"About a year ago I started to see Janice for sciatica pain in my lower back and for discomfort I had in both my heels. Her work in releasing tension in the muscles and soft tissue in those areas brought me needed temporary relief. During one session Janice asked me if she could try something new which she had learned. I agreed. She explained about the concepts of Kinetic Chain Release, which involves a series of breathing, bending, stretching and resistance exercises, along with a mental focus on the area of the body being worked on, all while lying or sitting on a massage table. Within a couple of sessions using these techniques, Janice has made my body basically pain free. I now feel that I can lengthen the time between appointments due to my improved comfort. I do a couple of simple exercises at home on a daily basis which takes up about 2-3 minutes of my time. I don't necessarily understand all about KCR, but I do know when something works. Thanks Janice!"


"I have been suffering from migraine headaches as well as cluster headaches for the past 13 years. I have tried many types of treatments and medications with little success. Janice urged me to try Kinetic Chain Release and after just two sessions my headaches have decreased dramatically in intensity and frequency."


"In my first appointment, I explained my low back area was stiff and painful. I had done a lot of physical labor a few weeks prior which involved excessive vacuuming and sweeping, lifting arms overhead, and bending. But usually that would subside in few days. It did not... I also had difficulty lifting my grandkids, If I had to lift them it hurt and I had to ice it often. I had instant relief after my first session... It was amazing. And my symptoms totally improved with each additional session. I believe I went 4 weeks in a row. You are assigned a few additional tasks to continue to do as often as possible throughout the day. I still do my best to do these tasks whenever possible.. and I remain pain free and the stiffness is gone. I started Kinetic Chain release ( KCR) with Bensalem Muscle Therapy several months ago due to IT band discomfort from uneven leg length. Since utilizing this technique, my leg lengths are now even, the pain in my left flank is gone and my insomnia from burning IT bands has disappeared since the discomfort is mild or nil. I would highly recommend this therapeutic intervention for those with hip discomfort, leg length imbalance and other joint/ body ache discomfort from scar tissue tightening and fascia thickening. You too may find relief in 2-3 sessions."

Warrington, PA

"I’m 17 and I suffer from migraines. I went to Bensalem Muscle Therapy to see if I could get relief, which I did. Now I rarely, if ever, get a migraine or a headache!"

Levittown, PA

“Massage Therapy has made a considerable difference in my back pain that I had for many years. The massage/stretching program developed for me by the therapist has greatly reduced my back pain and helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. The treatment is therapeutic while being very relaxing.”

Bensalem, PA

“I can hardly believe how effective the techniques are. When I say it has been miraculous for me, I’m speaking from the heart. The feeling of flexibility has transformed my mental well-being much as it has my physical well-being. Now I do the stretches … and I can help myself more than my [other medical provider] ever did. Thanks for being the kind of health care practitioner that has the integrity to put the power to heal back into my hands.”

West Haven, CT

“I was referred to Bensalem Muscle Therapy for pain that I had had for years due to a car accident. Since physical therapy hadn’t helped, the doctors were recommending surgery. After only one treatment, I experienced amazing relief. [The therapist] knew right away that my muscles were so tight that they were causing most of my problems. She showed me how to stretch properly and even to sleep properly so the muscles would not tighten back up.”

Levittown, PA

“I have gotten incredible relief from the numbness, burning, and tingling in my feet that the doctors told me I would just have to live with. The therapist is a wonderful listener and was able to determine the best way to give me relief!”

Clinton, NJ

For effective pain alleviation from a skilled and certified professional in the Bensalem, PA area, please call 215-244-1999.