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If muscle pain has prevented you from performing daily functions, staying active or doing the things that you love, it may be time to participate in relieving back therapy or massage therapy techniques. Muscle therapy can be used on any area of the body to alleviate pain and help you to lead a comfortable life! A pain free life is just a phone call away, contact Bensalem Muscle Therapy now, 215-244-1999.Or, fill out the form below and someone will respond to you shortly!

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Bensalem Muscle Therapy
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Recent Testimonial

“About a year ago I started to see Janice for sciatica pain in my lower back and for discomfort I had in both my heels. Her work in releasing tension in the muscles and soft tissue in those areas brought me needed temporary relief. During one session Janice asked me if she could try something new which she had learned. I agreed. She explained about the concepts of Kinetic Chain Release, which involves a series of breathing, bending, stretching and resistance exercises, along with a mental focus on the area of the body being worked on, all while lying or sitting on a massage table. Within a couple of sessions using these techniques, Janice has made my body basically pain free. I now feel that I can lengthen the time between appointments due to my improved comfort. I do a couple of simple exercises at home on a daily basis which takes up about 2-3 minutes of my time. I don't necessarily understand all about KCR, but I do know when something works. Thanks Janice!”
—H.B. Philadelphia